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Do you have the following challenges with your current Netowork setup: • Loss of Control
• Data Loss
• Hacking and spamming
• Internet access policies that apply to any device in the network Get rid of these challenges, learn more about NetworkNow
Scarry facts... Computadores y redes corruptas, la pérdida o robo de datos causada por virus, gusanos y troyanos se han convertido en el dolor de cabeza diario. De hecho, los ataques basados en la Web son la causa del 31% de perdida de datos del año pasado. El año pasado, el costo promedio de fuga de datos alcanzó los $ 214 por registro comprometido y un promedio de $ 7.200.000 por evento de fuga de datos ¿Están sus datos realmente seguros? Piense otra vez
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Why Network Now? Network Now is a complete set of services and solutions, designed to shield your company against all possible threats. Our solution covers all aspects of network security with complete technical support. Network Now has proven effective even in the most demanding industry sectors such as finance, and our subscription based model works especially well when budget is a constraint.
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Save bandwidth and money: Save bandwidth and increase productivity by preventing users from accessing unproductive or unsafe websites . Real-time protection: Minimize data loss/theft and malicious activity automatically. Powerful malware blocking system: Virus database updated frequently monitors and reacts against malign code attacks to contain spread and control infections. Through regular updates, the system identifies potential unwanted messages and filters them out of users’ inbox, thus maintaining a high level of productivity by allowing users to focus on legitimate messages. Network High Availibity: Increases connection availability with load balancing of two communications providers. Secure VPN: You can create and manage secure remote connection to a VPN and It is possible to interconnect several different security devices, which allows the growth of a secure network or link two different physical secure networks. Zero Hardware requirements: You can hire this service without network security elements in your office or datacenters, and you can also use your fortinet devices and only pay for the administration in this case. Smart Usage: Prioritizes bandwidth towards critical services within your company.
Load balancing VPN IPSec Traffic Shaping Event Logs Penetration tests Anti virus – Anti SPAM Data Lost prevention
Level 0 Up to 50
users Average bandwith 5 MB Level 1 Up to 100
users Average bandwith 10 MB Level 2 Up to 200
users Average bandwith 20 MB Level 3 Up to 400
users Average bandwith 50 MB
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